*Chapter Discussion starts at 26:02* In this weeks chapters: Levana is still outraged about the crew sneaking onto Luna, but Kai is full of sass and g...View Details

Rampion Crew Member Ashalei and I discuss some of the character age differences and their impact on readers.  *Chapter Discussion starts at 29:40* In ...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 35:07* Jacin and Winter share a stolen moment of happiness, but a harsh cough from Aimor interrupts them. When Aimery te...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 21:48* Cress and Iko pass the time playing games, while the rest of the Rampion crew prepares to head to Luna. Thorne is...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 51:21* As Kai arrives home, Torin is happy to see him and eager to tell him his plans for defeating Luna. But when Kai w...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 16:18* Thorne pilots Kai back to Earth and the two share an intimate conversation about their love lives. After an unexp...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 20:32* The rampion crew is watching the news feeds as they show the Lunar attack on New Beijing Palace. Though the Easte...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 32:34* Jacin goes before Queen Levana to receive his new orders as Winter’s Personal Guard. But being her guard isn’t th...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 14:05* Cress checks on the Benoit farm for Wolf, offering him comfort in his lonely and depressed state. Captain Carswel...View Details

*Chapter Discussion starts at 15:36* Cinder is desperate to hold onto her little paradise of life with the Rampion Crew, but the war on Earth wages on...View Details

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