*Chapter Discussion starts at 15:36*

Cinder is desperate to hold onto her little paradise of life with the Rampion Crew, but the war on Earth wages on.  Kai has been helpful and kind throughout his ‘kidnapping’ but is starting to feel restless as his lack of contribution to their efforts.

Scarlet is visited by Winter, who brings a treat and news.  While learning of the safety of her friends, Scarlet reveals her true vulnerable side to Winter.  Winter wants to know who Cinder really is, now that she knows her true identity.  As Scarlet contemplates her relationship with Wolf, Winter helps her to see the true value of her connection with Wolf.

This podcast is Hosted and Produced by Bethanie A. Finger, with special guest author M.T. Zimny.

Visit https://www.mtzimny.com/ and use PKFP Promo Code PRINCEKAIFANPOD for a free E-Copy of Beta, by M.T. Zimny.

Logo Art was created by Angela Wong on Instagram.

Intro/Outro Music was written by Emma Pavvo on Instagram.

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