*Chapter Discussion starts at 32:34*

Jacin goes before Queen Levana to receive his new orders as Winter’s Personal Guard. But being her guard isn’t the same as being her friend. Jacin and Winter must try to find a balance in their relationship. 

As the Rampion Crew sort through supplies, Thorne arrives to reveal he can finally see again! As the crew celebrates the return of Thorne’s eyesight, Cress remains uncertain of their connection, and Kai realizes they’ve run out of excuses for him to stay aboard the ship. Before Cinder can argue to keep Kai around, an attack on the palace steals her focus. 

This podcast is Hosted and Produced by Bethanie A. Finger, with special guest Drew from Of Slippers and Spindles Podcast.

Logo Art was created by Angela Wong on Instagram.

Intro/Outro Music was written by Emma Pavvo on Instagram.

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