*Chapter Discussion starts at 16:18*

Thorne pilots Kai back to Earth and the two share an intimate conversation about their love lives. After an unexpected pardon from Emperor Kaito, Thorne contemplates the lives of his crewmates, and himself, after the war is over. 

Jacin and Winter walk the streets of Artemisia enjoying friendly conversation on their way to drop off an embroidered gift from Winter. Though Jacin is hesitant to reveal his true feelings for Winter, he is quick to react when three children offer her a gift.  But though Jacin sees the gift as inappropriate and dangerous, Winter thinks it is innocent and tells Jacin he is overreacting.  

This podcast is Hosted and Produced by Bethanie A. Finger, with special guest Gin from Books and Bones Podcast.

Logo Art was created by Angela Wong on Instagram.

Intro/Outro Music was written by Emma Pavvo on Instagram.

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