*Chapter Discussion starts at 51:21*

As Kai arrives home, Torin is happy to see him and eager to tell him his plans for defeating Luna. But when Kai wants to continue with his marriage arrangement with Levana, Torin is less than thrilled. 

Kai calls Levana and requests that the wedding now take place on Luna, to ensure no interference from Cinder and the Crew. Levana agrees, so long as the wedding can take place in ten days. But while Levana is ready to marry Kai and create an alliance with Earth, Kai has a different date in mind for their wedding. 

This podcast is Hosted and Produced by Bethanie A. Finger, with special guests Abby and Mo from The Book Life Podcast. 

Logo Art was created by Sunlit Tangles on Instagram.

Intro/Outro Music was written by Emma Pavvo on Instagram.

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