*Chapter Discussion starts at 21:48*

Cress and Iko pass the time playing games, while the rest of the Rampion crew prepares to head to Luna. Thorne is disappointed to learn his ship has been repainted, but quickly remembers Kai's reminder about who the ship actually belongs to. In a rare moment of humility, Thorne reveals another side of himself, only to cover it quickly with sarcasm. 

Kai and Torin wait for Cinder and the crew to arrive, Kai with impatience and Torin with diplomacy. When the American Ambassador's ship needs a lift to Luna, Kai is less than hesitant to offer them a ride. As the glamours disappear, Cinder and Kai are reunited, but there's no time for pleasantries when they are about to invade Luna.

This podcast is Hosted and Produced by Bethanie A. Finger, with special guest Leah Stuhler from YA Book Chat Podcast. 

Logo Art was created by Sunlit Tangles on Instagram.

Intro/Outro Music was written by Emma Pavvo on Instagram.

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